Monday, August 23, 2010

Dylan's 1st day of Pre-K

The day has finally come! My firstborn went to school! We had a great morning getting to school. It was a little difficult getting Dylan up because he woke up early and then finally went back to sleep around 5 am. Once we got him going though, he did great. He walked right into his classroom and was ready to get started! I admit that I didn't cry! It was hard for me to let him stay by himself, but I knew he was in good hands! When I picked him up, I tried asking him about his day, but he didn't want to share a whole lot! He did say that he met a new friend! All he was concerned about was getting to play in the learning center. :) He's ready to go back for another day. It's just so hard to believe that he is going to school now. I guess I knew it was coming, but I didn't realize that it would affect mommy so much!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 years together

10 years ago today at 5:00 pm, I married my best friend and the love of my life! These have been the happiest and most blessed 10 years! Not only did God give me my soul mate and husband but he gave Todd and I two little boys that are the joys of our lives!

In these past 10 years, we have lived in College Station for 1 year, Denver, CO, for 2 years and Denver City for the past 7 years. We have bought 2 houses, had 2 dogs and grieved the loss of one of them, and have been blessed with the birth of 2 boys. Wow...time has flown by!

I love you Todd so very much! You are everything I could have asked for in a mate! You are a Christian husband and dad and I'm so greatful for that. You are the best dad in the world to our boys and one of these days I hope my boys are as good of dads to their children as you were to them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Derek at 16 months

My little boy turned 16 months today! Everytime I look at our little boy, I just thank God for blessing him into our lives!

Here is what our little Derek is up to these days:

First and foremost...this kid LOVES to eat! He is waiting for every meal! If I'd let him he would eat all day long. His favorite food is strawberries. He gobbles them up! He's so hiliarious because he'll be begging for more food, so we'll give him more and then we discover he's got a stash of it inside his cheeks. He's a little chipmunk! He really likes milk...not as much as Dylan does...and he likes it cold. We made sure that we didn't start him on warm milk like his brother.

He is everywhere now!! Since he became mobile on his feet, he's so much more curious than Dylan ever was. We're really going to have to keep an eye out on this one! Because he is so much more mobile, he gets into big brother's toys. Sometimes Dylan lets him play with his things, and sometimes he gets angry. I think that's been the hardest thing for Dylan to adjust to.

Let's see...favorite toys. He definitely loves balls of all sorts! He will walk around pointing and saying, "ball...ball...". He also really loves his bat. His bat can get him into trouble though. At Ms. Keri's, the bat had to go into timeout. He was hitting kids with it! We want to laugh about it, but that bat hurts. He's constantly hitting Dylan on the head, which of course Dylan doesn't like. He is a very loving child. He'll find a stuffed animal and hold it and love it. It's so cute!!

He is a DADDY'S BOY!! drives me crazy!! When he sees his daddy, I suddenly don't exist. Todd can come home for lunch, and Derek wants to be in his arms the entire time. He's definitely got the word, "Dadda", down for sure!!

Words he can say:
dadda, mamma, papa, ball, tickle tickle, night night, bye bye, dog, whoa, and a whole lot of jibberish! Oh, he really knows how to use the word no. I wonder where he got that from?

Other things he love:
He loves to tackle whomever is on the floor. When daddy and Dylan get on the floor and tackle, he is right there with them. He loves to go outside and play. He loves to be with Dylan and TRY to play with his toys. On tv, he loves Special Agent Oso, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Barney. He loves when I sing to him, especially "Take me out to the Ballgame". He loves to sit in his room and look at his books. It's so cute to see him doing this. He loves to get the phone and mash buttons and he really enjoys talking on the phone!

As relaxed and easy going as our little Derek is, he has a little temper. If you take something away from him or something you do upsets him, he likes to find the nearest object and throw it. It's so weird to us that a little boy who has a laid back personality, can easily throw a fit.

He's got a mouthful of teeth, He has 4 on top, 4 on bottom, and two molors on bottom and 1 on top. It sure has made eating more flexible for him.

Our little Derek is turning into quite a little toddler. I tickle him just so I can hear him laugh. His laughter is joy to my ears. He brings so much excitement and love to our lives! We love you Derek Cole!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A sad departure...

I had to say goodbye to my boys today for 6 days. I was not looking forward to that. Margie and David left with them from San Antonio and are going back home. I got teary eyed saying bye to Derek but I really started the tears rolling when I said bye to Dylan. Then that got him started crying. I had to assure him that nothing was wrong. Momma was just sad b/c she was going to miss him. I just couldn't get enough kisses and hugs from my boys.

I know they are in great hands while we are away but I just worry that something might happen to Todd and I. I guess that is just being a parent! I will be ready to share Mexico with them when they are older.

We fly out tomorrow for Mexico with Natalie and Mitch. So ready for the resort!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Vacation

,What a wonderful day we had today at Seaworld. Even with the kids being young I could see it in their eyes how excited they were! I got a little tear eyed during the Sham show just knowing that my kids were experiencingsomething that I did as a child.

Dylan could not wait to get there! His eyes just lit up when we got there. We watched the Shamu show. After the show ended we took Dylan to the Harbor so he could cool down. Derek even enjoyed the water. Todd, Dylan, and I went on a private tour to see and pet some animals. We were able to pet small stingrays and feed them. I was really surprised that Dylan wanted to feel them. He really shocked me when he wanted to feed them! He and I pet a little nurse shark. It was lot of fun! He even got to ride on his first logride with meme and me. Derek on the other hand enjoyed napping,Sham, eating, the dolphins, eating, and more napping. Oh and he loved his stuffed penguin!

We didn't get to everything but we were pretty pooped! We had a memorable vacation with Todd's family that we'll never forget!

**Pictures to follow as soon as we get back from Mexico.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

He did it!

Derek finally decided that tonight he would walk to his daddy! He took 4 to 5 good steps and did it several times because of course momma had to get it on video and on the camera! He's a little late bloomer on his walking so we're just so excited that he's taking steps! Or....are we going to be dreading it later? :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This was my 5th Mother's Day and I have to say it gets better and better each year! The love for my boys is indescribeable and I can't even imagine not being a mother! Thank you God for giving me the gift of children!
We had a very relaxing and unusual day today. All of us caught some sort of bug this weekend. We went to Lubbock yesterday and last night when Dylan was in the bathtub, he started throwing up. I was able to get him out and to the toilet but poor thing really got sick. He was perfectly fine after that. Very weird! Todd and I also woke up with irritated stomachs. We went to Sunday School but then came home and all of us got naps. Todd and the boys gave me a beautiful necklace and ring but Dylan signing his name on my card made the day just perfect! Dylan even painted me a cup in Sunday School that I am suppose to plant flowers in. He was so proud of it! We spent today with just the 4 of us. My parents were seeing my brother and Todd's parents were in Midland. We really needed the rest! I just wish it didn't come with the sickness!